Friday, December 5, 2008

Plan to Add More Personal, Blurby Posts

Good Morning Bloggers - It's a new day on Our Rants & Raves. I've decided that I should express more personal opinion and worry less about citing news sources all the time. I think I've demonstrated my credibility as a newshound and feel that it would be more interesting to write more extemporaneously, allowing my thoughts to wander more without having each relate to a specific news article or citation.

So, I would like to introduce my new blog technique - my personal opinion without too many news sources. If a reader has a problem with my lack of citations, simply write a comment and I'll be happy to cite whatever news source I used to write the piece. I hope it will lead to more robust, opinionated discussions, more visceral emotions, and hopefully a more interesting exchange of ideas. I hope you agree.

Friday's Blog News #1 - Michael

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