Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Chooses Divisive Rick Warren

Good Morning Bloggers - I understand it, but I can't believe it. Barack Obama has chosen Orange County preacher Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. It makes sense politically (for the next election at least), but it's a real slap in the face to the people who feel that Rick Warren isn't the open-minded saint many make him out to be.

The move positions Warren to succeed Billy Graham as the nation’s preeminent minister, but Billy Graham was known to be very bipartisan - or apolitical. Warren has been involved in many political movements, at least here in California. He was a main supporter of Proposition 8 that TOOK RIGHTS AWAY from gays and lesbians. He's also known as a major supporter of Republican causes.

As I always promised, I WILL CRITICIZE DEMOCRATS when I feel they deserve it. In this case, I think Barack could have made a better choice. I would have preferred Jeremiah Wright, if only to piss off the far right. No matter what, there were many better candidates. I think Warren was a very bad decision, no matter how political it may be. Rick Warren will need to evolve before I consider him representative of all Americans. Bad choice Barack.

Thursday's Political Rant #1 - Michael


Anonymous said...


I know I'm running to catch a plane but this is really eating at me.

Obama's rational that he wants diverse folk speaking is fine and dandy. But giving top billing to Warren because of his large audience is the moral equivalent, in reverse, of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King addressing a Klan convention.

It's one thing to have honest political and even social disagreements. But Warren is a bigot pure and simple.

Why are we giving him a national platform on such an important day in the history of our country?

Again I'm ranting and I'm running. So hopefully by the time I'm back to North Carolina cooler minds will have prevailed.


by Michael Boh said...

Jon - Thanks for commenting. I agree - it's eating me too. I just heard an amazing interview on The Randi Rhodes Show with Mitchell Gold ( that shook me hard. I was against the Warren presence, but Gold convinced me just how dangerous and damaging it is to gay people across the country - how it sends a HORRIBLE message. Thom Hartmann was suggesting on his radio show that it shows just how inclusive we are. I disagree. Warren is the WRONG guy to have at that important and historical moment. Barack is a good man, but he should be more careful about how he reaches across the aisle. Our tent isn't big enough for people who harm whole communities. Catch your plane - thanks for your thoughts. MB