Friday, December 19, 2008

Robert Mugabe Calls African Leaders Cowards

Good Morning Bloggers - So, what are you African leaders going to do about it? Zimbabwean President - only by a murderous and corrupt election unrecognized by most countries - Robert Mugabe has said African leaders "are not brave enough to force him from power," the state-run Herald newspaper reports.

Hey African leaders, I think he's questioning your manhood. Are you going to just sit and take that from a OLD CRAZY MAN like him? What are you, SHEEP? I think you cowards (his insinuation, not mine) should get off your butts and go in and arrest him - or do whatever you want, we don't care.

I know, why not put him on trial for killing his own people and destroying a nation? That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Going further with his INSANITY, he also told a meeting of his Zanu-PF party that "he would soon meet his political rivals to try to break the deadlock over a unity government." There's just one problem. HE KEEPS ARRESTING AND ABDUCTING THEM! For months now - since the agreement brokered by South Africa - Mugabe has been arresting and abducting opposition members. So, it's kind of expected that the opposition MDC says "abductions of its members threatens the talks."

People, Robert Mugabe NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED OR KILLED! Why doesn't somebody do something about it? How about you Republicans? Aren't you guys the BIG DICTATOR KILLERS? Haven't you been saying that you're proud that George Bush removed Saddam Hussein because he was killing his people. Well, Mugabe would be a pretty easy kill. GO FOR IT!

Oh well, I won't hold my breath. We all know that most Republicans actually like dictators. History shows they've been pretty good business partners with the far right. I guess we'll have to see if Obama and Clinton can do something - anything.

Friday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

PS - He's also reported to have said: "I will never, never, never surrender. Zimbabwe is mine." Come on people, this is getting old. This is a crazy old man with a very small army killing his people. DO SOMETHING!


Anonymous said...

And the Left? Hasn't it been the steadfast supporter of dictatorial Communist regimes in Russia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia which combined killed over a hundred million people over the last century?

You have no room to claim any sort of moral high ground for the Left.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - Despite your claim, the "left" is not represented by Jane Fonda and a few extremists who sought the company of dictators. Besides, they did not seek to do business with them. You're examples are narrow and are pushing that liberal/commie stereotype too far to include the bulk of Democrats. It's dishonest and it's wrong. Republicans are not all wrong either, but there are MANY examples of the far right doing business with dictators. The people of South America and Africa would be happy to fill you in sometime. Why don't you take some time and study your colonial history. Both sides were involved, but the bulk of them were right wing, corporate social Darwinists who sought to conguer the third world. Your ignorance is showing again. MB

by Michael Boh said...

Oh yea, and I DO claim the moral high ground compared to the far right. I'll debate the morals and ethics of those politics anytime. History shows us that the far right - in any nation - are the "trickle down," "let them eat cake" set that take advantage of any opportunity to pillage. Oh yea, and they supposedly love religion too. They're known to be very giving. Jesus would have been so proud. Jerry Falwell the millionaire. Pat Robertson who sold his Christian Broadcast Network for a billion in cash. The numerous cads and hypocrites. Wow, all so christian. Good luck with that arguement Anon. You don't have a moral leg to stand on. MB