Friday, December 5, 2008

Somebody Arrest or Shoot Robert Mugabe

Hello Bloggers - As part of my new casual decent into personal opinion, I would like to start by saying that somebody, anybody, needs to either arrest or shoot Robert Mugabe.

Without pointing out too many specifics, I would like to say the man has destroyed his nation - Zimbabwe - in a way that George Bush only wishes he could have done here. Though George did a very good job I might add.

For those who haven't been following the news, Zimbabwe has been spiralling out of control for years now, ever since Mugabe enforced land reforms that threw out the colonialists (who knew all about farming) and destroyed what some used to call the "bread basket" of Africa.

After he stole elections, he forced thousands of people from their suburban homes into the wilderness, and after plenty of other horrible things, created what is the highest inflation in the world - so high it's impossible to quote. The man has destroyed the infrastructure and the people.

The nation's lack of resources has now led to a massive cholera epidemic that has killed over six hundred people so far. The African thugs who have supported Mugabe are starting to see the epidemic bleed into their own borders, so now it appears they might actually do something about removing the criminal.

My least favorite - and our least effective - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in South Africa now trying to make something happen. I hope she's more effective than usual.

So, in my new casual style, I will also introduce another new blog instrument - THE WORST PERSON IN THE WOLD today. I say that Robert Mugabe wins that dubious honor.

I don't want to advocate violence, but when somebody is KILLING HIS PEOPLE, I am left with no choice except to say get rid of him - at least wound him so he leaves. Hopefully somebody will do something about it.

Friday's Opinion #1 - Michael


Anonymous said...

Something has got to happen. Desmond Tutu, France and other African Nations are now calling for his removal. He will be held accountable for atrocities against humanity. So he is not going to go out with out a fight. And his war veteran thugs are so sold on his brain washing that the west has caused these problems.
And meanwhile here in SA they reckon we have over 4 million Zimbabweans and a cholera epidemic at our borders. Sick starving people just looking for some aid. One man has destroyed their homes, families and safe havens. Mugabe thinks he is an African Hero but all he is, is a power hungry selfish coward who will ALWAYS live in Nelson Mandela's shadow. from

by Michael Boh said...

I wish more Americans would care about this Anon, because unchecked this cholera epidemic could potentially kill millions, as well as add to the suffering of tens of millions across Africa. Mugabe MUST GO NOW! Your nation is in my prayers. Michael

Anonymous said...

And yesterday the AU decided not to challenge Mugabe?
It is a case of he who points has dirty fingers too. And Mugabe knows it.
At least the UN is now trying to help with cholera epidemic. I cant't believe us Africans are watching our neighbour sink deeper into despair each day. Come on AU get some balls and oust this man.